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Final Fantasy 8 info?

Final Fantasy 8 info?

I want secrets! Any and all kinds! I'm sorry for coming out of no where like this!
I've never played the game. I've never even liked the final fantasy series. But I've been asked by a very good friend of mine to write fanfiction for her. I need help. Well, yeah, in that way too, but what I mean is, I'm researching information on the game and characters.

My friend's favorite characters are Seifer and she adores that little ball of introverted ang...er...I mean, Squall. I've been going through all of the final fantasy shrines, info pages and the likes, and of course, not one of them has anything really...helpful. Except for gaming tips and cheat sheets. I'm not a gamer, the only console I have is that ancient, dull grey and purple super nintendo. *coughs*

I need to know what everyone's opinion of all the characters in FF8 is. The more opinion, the better. *amused* The only thing I've really managed to understand is that Square-Enix gave a whole new meaning to the saying, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" with these games. It seems the prettier the lead, male characters are the more tragic their past...or very close, future is going to be.

Where did they all come from? What is this about Laguna being Squall's father? I read that Squall is an orphan. Who's Seifer's parents? What about Rinoa? Everyone else? What's with Rinoa, Squall and Seifer? Why can't there be a decent menege a trois fanfic of these three? Heck, why can't Rinoa have more than cotton candy in between her ears? Is there a law in FF universe that all pretty, big eyed females cannot string two sentences together without putting in "shopping expidition" somewhere in there?

Why are there so many yaoi incest fanfics? Why are there so many yaoi fanfics, period? Not that I mind yaoi, but it's getting rather irritating. And of course, my friend wants a yaoi fanfic. *grimaces* What became of everyone in FF8 after everything was said and done? How'd Squall became the Headmaster of Balamb? How'd Laguna become President of...of...jeez, I cannot remember that area. What are the official titles of everyone and everything?

Is Squall truly the poster boy of teen angst? Is Seifer really that much of a swaggering braggert? Is Zell as irritating as his official Nomura portrait? Is Rinoa's intelligence a good match to her beauty or is it all just skin deep? Is Laguna as...bouncy...as fanfics portray him?

I'm trying to find a decent floorplan of Balamb Garden. Is there an in-depth world map of FF8 universe? Literally every time I read a final fantasy fanfic, I feel like everything is taking place in an airless bubble. No description of the surrounding buildings, no description of anyone else, no description of clothing, hair, and "inconsiquential details" that makes up a pleasurable reading.

And why aren't the facial scars on Leonhart and Almasy barely ever mentioned in fanfics? They both look like, "heart stirring, magazine models!" or "So beautiful that all the girls drools Olympic-sized swimming pools even when they let loose air". Uh, right, yeah, fan-girlism, I know. At least, I should. Of course, "Olympic" is anachronistic to the extreme, so is "Jesus" or "God" or any other mention of Earthly deities unless they are already written into the game world by Square-Enix.

...I want to rip my eyes out every time I read "jade-green" describing Almasy's eye color. What, isn't grey green enough of a colorful description? And -

...er...oops. Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble and bitch my way through this.

It's just that through my research efforts there is just so much I can take. I need good images of locations and costumes and the native's ethnic wear...if there is such a thing.

Please, won't anyone help me? Except for random squeels of "[insert pretty-boy, lead male character's name in any Japanese-made games] is my <3!!!" every three or four sentences, and at any time/everywhere we go, my friend is utterly useless in helping me.

X-posted to so many places it'd be a waste of space to list'em all...'cuz I'm that desperate and my friend is scarily persuasive.

...What color are the character's eyes?
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