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gayhearts - Looking for something a little more unique and totally cractastic with friendly and highly amusing people?! Just opened! Make sure to get your character before someone snatches them!

yaoi and yuri warning.

Games: Kingdom Hearts Series, FFVI-X-2, Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus
Gay Hearts Orgin: Comic 1 - Comic 2

Welcome to Gay Hearts, a Roleplay Game like none other. Where sex is the main plot point and crack bursts out of it's seams. The game is set in an alternate universe, clashing both Final Fantasy and the Kingdom Hearts Series.

In the worlds, there is a popular homosexual erotica channel by the name of Gay Hearts. Gay Hearts has programs that show homosexual relationships, those being in the sexual nature, to all it's viewers around the worlds. This channel rakes in millions upon millions of munny each year, having very loyal and dedicated viewers.

There was a man, a man by the name of Mansex. (Xemnas - though, he chooses to use 'Mansex' for obvious reasons.) Mansex became totally obsessed with the Channel, and the company, Gay Hearts Enterprises. He would spend all his days watching the channel, collecting the videos they released, and so on. His life began to revolve around the station.

Thus, he came up with a plan - a plan which would allow him to purchase Gay Hearts and keep it as his own. Since he liked homosexual erotica so much, Mansex decided to open up a Male Only Strip Club and prostitution joint known as the Gang Bang. The Gang Bang was set in Hollow Bastion, a thriving town and the home of the Gay Hearts Enterprises headquarters. Mansex knew with all the hot bodies he could recruit he would have the money to purchase the object of his affection in no time.

Everything was going as planned, until one day, the ladies of the various worlds got together and decided they would give Mansex some competition. Maleficent didn't like Mansex one bit, knowing that Gay Hearts was meant to be hers, so she believed, anyway. On the Destiny Islands Maleficent opened up her own Strip Club and Prostitution Ring, know as the The Orgy. With this club, she hoped she could take down Mansex and ruin his plan.

Welcome to the world. A world of where Sex, Hot Bodies, Drugs, and many other things run rampant. Will your character get caught up in this world, or will they attempt to avoid it? Will they become a member of one of the clubs, or a client? In the worlds of Gay Hearts, it's up to you!

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