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It has been two years since our heroes have saved the world and evil stirs within the realms of the Final Fantasies again.

He goes by the name of Sverre Soulkeeper. His craving for power took him to great heights... once a scholar, now the ruler of the corrupt realm of Lucentia Underworld. Born with the Godly power of telekinesis, Sverre trained his mind to the point where he could possess a living being, rendering them lifeless and under his control. This power earned him the nickname of Soulkeeper.

The more that he trained his mind, the stronger he became and ultimately turned into the power to control every living being in Lucentia. His immense mind power had turned the once peaceful land of Lucentia into that of the corrupt Lucentia Underworld.

But is there more to this man's tragic past?

Sverre decided that Lucentia wasn't enough to satisfy his lust for power. Using Lucentia's awesome technology, he discovered a rip in the fabric of time that linked several worlds together. So he used his powers to manipulate the gates, deciding it was time to take more...

The power hungry Sverre is harvesting beings; looking for the ultimate warriors to possess. And with each soul that is corrupted by him, another warrior rises and prepares for battle again.

Sverre Soulkeeper has begun his take over... will our most beloved Final Fantasy characters be able to save their worlds from this destruction?

FFs we definitely need characters for:

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