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abnormalff's Journal

Twisted and Abnormal Final Fantasy Fans
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You know that deep, dark corner in your mind that simply has to ask, "What would Kuja look like in fishnets...?" Express it here. Twisted fanfiction, slash, naughty fics, crossovers, and fics that are just messed up ... post them here. Cosplay, pictures, and fan art are also welcome. Anything related to Final Fantasy in all its abnormal glory are welcome.

Just a few rules...
1) If you're posting a fan fic, use the lj-cut code to save space.
2) Please don't ask for Lj codes. We won't give. Do it on your own ... or buy a Lj.
3) Warning about age; this may grow to be a very bizarre community, so anyone under 13 should take caution. Like you should be on Lj anyways...
4) If you take offense from slash, incest, etc., this may not be the community for you.